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Latest Reviews
KGS Faceart
Valerie 1318502629

If you are searching for fun and different thing to do on a party - this company can help you. They are so creative and amusing, I am so glad I hired them! I highly recommend them!
GoldToNew Band
Jodie 1318501156

This band has made my wedding day a dream come true! They set the mood and everything went perfectly! Thanks, Brian!
Lets Party Kids Disco & Friends
Rose 1318493017

Hey, Robert, you are the best! All the children had so much fun with you! Thank you so much for the lovely experience you have created for them!
Crewneck Ceilidh
Annie 1318489368

I am so glad I hired this band to dance on my wedding, they performance was amazing, everyone had so much fun mostly because of them! Thank you!
Magicians in Kent
Georgia 1318329939

I think that he is unbelievable, really amazing person, that manages to convince even adults that there is magic! :)
Party Gems
Tim 1318244302

Their great team helped us to make our son's birthday an unforgettable experience! Everyone has enjoyed a lot so I highly recommend you Party Gems!
Clare Sings For You / Country
Olivia 1318243586

A voice of an angel.Highly recommend you choosing Clare for your special occasion. Her voice is really unique and she made my party unforgettable.
Simon Magic
Marissa 1317630134

Simon Magic is the very best close up magician I have ever seen. I would very strongly recommend him to anybody wanting to impress people with lasting memories.
Samba Tawe
Garry 1317218826

Best entertainment service we've used for years. True pros in their field. Highly recommend!
Emazdad The Magician
Mandy 1317206742

He has a lovely approach with children and a bunch of fun stuff for them to do. Recommend!
Susan 1317204632

The kids went crazy about the games and activities. Real gift for working with children!
Drop Dead Caricatures
Vici 1317119520

Caricatures are really very original, funny and creative, amazing! It is fun!
Brazilian Fantasy
Brandy 1316528616

This band is just great, I love them! They dance unbelievably well!
Darryl Rose - The Stars\' Favourite Magician
Betty 1316513593

I have seen a performance of his and he was really amazing! We were all out of words - he is a real magician!
The Kev Bee Hypnotic Experience
Ed 1315401554

I have watched a performance of Kev Bee only once but I was impressed, he makes a very interesting and really wonderful show! It is amazing!
Zig Zag Children\'s Entertainer
Doris 1315385657

Yes, I recommend it to all parents in order to make the party of the kids funny and unforgettable!
Tom Haze - Close-up Magician
Nansy 1314362882

I want to say that Tom is genius , he is born for this job and manages to make everybody smile and enjoy, I recommend him!
Eva 1313677147

My son have spent great time there.So interesting activities and a friendly smiling people all around.They offer really great experience!
Sophie Snell
Donna 1313676535

My daughter really enjoys her stories.She is so talented and her attitude towards kids is great.
Childrens Entertainers Manchester
Hilary 1313497588

I am extremely happy with the great party we arranged for my son's birthday - we hired Childrens Entertainers Manchester company to take care of the show and the disco party- we all had great time! Thanks!

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